The Kilt store, kilts, kilt, kiltmaker, kilt maker, edinburgh kilts
The Kilt store, kilts, kilt, tartans, kiltmaker, kilt maker, edinburgh kilts

Once upon a time, in 1991 in the small town of Musselburgh, on the East coast of Scotland just on the Forth Estuary, in one of the toon's smallest shops, no kidding, I started selling & hiring kilts. I had built a pretty good reputation, keenly priced and eager to please. I had customers come back time after time to hire and some to buy.

In the beginning, there was only me, Paul, that's me on the right with hair & a moustache, they, alas have since parted company with my body, now replaced with baby like skin. In the photograph, that's the first shop all 300 square feet, the guy on the left was my first employee, Bob Anderson, sorry Bob; I hope you don't mind me using your photo. The guy in the middle, you tell me? If you can I shall send you a special gift. Simply E-mail your answer to
Since those fun hairy days, we have moved premises three times to our now very successful Musselburgh store.

1994 saw us expand & open our second store in Edinburgh, at Haymarket Terrace, Central Edinburgh, that's when we dropped the old name " Nicholas Paul" we were now called "The Kilt Hire Co" soon the shop was bursting at the seams with customers & stock, we had to expand again, in April 1999, we trebled the size of the Edinburgh store and are now able to offer a much greater selection of not just kilts & highland wear, but now a superb selection of morning & Evening wear. This new move has taken us into the next century, with a central server based computer system, we are taking orders from all around the world & expanding with our sites firmly set on a new store somewhere in Scotland! But we have not forgotten that in this technological world, personal service is a key factor to our success, with our staff our combined retail sales & management experience add's up to a staggering one hundred and three years, still we learn and look forward to next challenge. Times are changing and our customers are demanding a better choice and easier accessibility, so while the branches are closed & the staff are preparing for the next day (partying) you can now browse on line.

This is just the beginning.

If you don't see the product you require on the following pages, send an E-mail, we are happy to take a digital photograph and e-mail to you.

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